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Carrying for Our Warriors

purple heartI am leery of most charities that advertise on TV – just too many horror stories about misuse of funds by the directors/founders and extremely high percentage of funds going to professional solicitors. In the last few years, I have become especially concerned about the rise of veteran-related charities.

First, I am ashamed that our country, given the billions of dollars that flow to the military contractors year after year, cannot find the will to properly care for our warriors, wounded or not. It sickens me to watch the Republican dominated Congress and Senate belittle the appropriateness of funding veteran services. Instead, they prefer to rely on the private sector and faith-based organizations to do the job our government should be doing. All the while funneling billions of dollars back to the military-industrial complex that pay huge portions of their election funding.

Why must our veterans rely on charity? (more…)