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Bathroom Dilema

bathroom dilemaI think all trans persons experience difficulty with navigating bathroom issues, particularly before they have surgery and get their walking papers. I know some trans-folks do not get any surgery and a few jurisdictions allow trans-folks to use the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity/presentation regardless of whether they have a surgery letter from their doctor. But getting your documents where they should be definitely helps.

After I transitioned in 2001, well before my surgery in late 2006, I too suffered with public bathroom anxiety. Early on, I was not confident in my ability to “pass” and hesitated every time I had to use a public bathroom. I did know that being androgynous was not the way to get accepted in the bathroom, so I always did my best to appear feminine and confident. Until 2004, I was mostly at school where no one seemed to care or notice me. (more…)

Bring Me Men

Bring Me Men 1966

Bring Me Men 1966

This is a picture taken by my fiance’ Cyndy Long, in 1966. She was waiting for the cadet wing to march up the ramp on the way from the parade field to the Terrazzo . You can see the 17 spires of the Cadet Chapel (one each for the 12 apostles and the five chiefs of staff). The building on the right is my part of Vandenburg Hall, the cadet dorm. (more…)