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Happy Birthday Tef!

Top GunThis week my daughter Stephanie has one of those birthdays and I have been thinking what to give her. She and my son-in-law are not into ‘things’ so I try to come up with something different. I’ve been writing things about my childhood and life as a way to communicate to my granddaughter Ellie sometime in the future, so I’ll just write one for Tef too. Back in the 70s and 80s, we made a lot of trips to Disney World, one when Tef was still an infant. But one trip that sticks out in my mind was in the late 80s; I want to say 1987 but it may have been 1989. (From my research, it seems that Pleasure Island opened in 1989, so it must have been 89). I’m thinking the former because that is when Top Gun came out and, of course, I just loved that movie. At the time I was working for an engineering firm in Mobile, BCM Engineers, and had just been promoted to Senior Vice President. One of the perks coming with that promotion was getting a new, and better company car. In Mobile, we always bought our cars from Joe Bullard, the Oldsmobile dealership. I had been driving an Olds 88 for some time and traded it for a brand new 98. The car was loaded (more…)