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Wicked Witch of the West and me.

Yesterday I made a post share on Facebook about a meme that I thought was very funny. I was responding to a “suggested” post about a meme of Anne Coulter, the ultra-right-wing Fox contributor.

Wicked Which of the West

Wicked Which of the West

When I saw the meme, I immediately laughed because I dislike Ms. Coulter’s vitriol on Fox News (which I usually prefer to write as “Faux” News). I did not get any “likes” on my share but I did get one comment from a friend who said “Even though it’s Ann Coulter and it pains me to point it out, this is sexist. :-(”.

Of course she was correct; it was sexist.

So I began to ponder my initial reaction to the meme. Why was my immediate reaction “this is too funny?”

I first saw the Wizard of Oz about 1948/9 a year or so before I started grammar school. My older brother Dean and I rode the streetcar (more…)