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Whoops! I’m a gangsta – Big Data got me.



I clicked once too many times and did it: I linked myself to “gangsta” and I don’t know how to unlink. It all started innocently enough; I was reading my Twitter feed when I noticed one of my friends made an interesting tweet about the Sherman (think Seattle Seahawks v 49ers last Sunday) flap. The tweet pointed out that Sherman was not a stereotypical “dumb” football player; rather he was very intelligent, having graduated from Stanford, which is no slouch of a college. She said he was articulate and could speak “gangsta” as well as “Stanford.” For some reason, that got me thinking about the current sagging pants style adopted by many teens and young men.

I knew there was a name for that style, but I couldn’t place it and wondered if “gangsta” would mean a new, less sagging style would be adopted. So I did (more…)