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You ought ‘a see the other guy!

Ephesus Turkey after football game










Nike before the swoosh. The beginning of “Just do it.”

Yes that is a relief of the Goddess Nike. I think you can see the beginnings of a swoosh in the flowing dress. This picture was taken in late 1969 and the Nike relief is still standing in the same location in a town in Turkey – anyone care to guess the name of the town? Hint: it was where Mary went to live out her later years. And yes, that is me with the aviator glasses and bandage over my eye. More later as to how I got there and how I got the owie.

So now is later and I’ll tell more of the story.

First, the town is Ephesus. Ephesus was the second largest city behind Rome itself in the Roman Empire in the time of Christ. It is currently located near the Turkish town of Selcurt and some 8 KM from the sea. In its prime, Ephesus was a major port but the bay silted in and access to the sea was lost. (more…)