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After being “locked” up and pounded by upperclassmen and academics for a full year, we in the Doolie class of ’67 were ready to leave the Academy for a long trip visiting Air Force, Army and Navy bases around the US. It was early July and we packed our B4 bags and waited underneath the Vandenberg Hall, summer 64- Leaving on Doolie Field trip around USAthe cadet dorms, waiting for buses to take us to Petersen Field to board the MATS aircraft that would transport us around the country. We were flying on the predecessor to the current AF workhorse, the C17 Globemaster that we so often see in news reports. But back them, many of the Air Forces’ aircraft were still piston-powered prop planes. C-124 Globemaster - Ol ShakeyThe C-124 Globemaster, better known as Ol’ Shakey, lived up to its name, bouncing us around as we poked along at 230 knots (Max). But it got us where we wanted to go all summer long and got us home safely.out the window of Ol' Shaky

I’ll have some stories to relate about the Doolie Field trip a bit later.